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Avantages Deck

Manufactured with recycled materials
Fabricado com materiais reciclados

EPW uses scraps of sawmills and forest cleanups to acquire the fiber and plastic recycling companies to incorporate these polymers in their material.

Easy installation
Fácil instalação

The installation does not require any special tools. Tools for working with wood are sufficient.

Resistant to exterior environment
Resistente ao ambiente exterior

The WPC has great resistance to solar exposure, due to the mixture of wood, with the plastic additives and stabilizers.

Water resistant
Resistente à agua

The WPC is the ideal to place near water and around swimming pools, because it is not attacked by the chemical products used in common swimming pools.

Low maintenance
Baixa manutenção

It just needs to be cleaned and washed, unlike the wood that you need periodically oils, paints and new immunizing agents.

Fungus does not create
Não cria fungos

Due to its density and the constituent materials, the WPC is guaranteed against: termites, Rot, Cracking, Spalling and Putrefaction.

Does not create splinters
Não cria farpas

Due to its way of manufacture, this material does not involve the danger of splinters.