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What is the composite wood?

Over the past 10 years the wood composite (WPC-Wood Plastic Composite) has become the latest technology in the area of wood-based panels. The basic composition of composite wood is a symbiosis of the properties of a natural fiber with a polymer. The EPW elected as natural fiber, wood and plastic, thus associating their profiles to get the sensuality of wood with the technical characteristics of the plastic.

The products used in swimming pools attack WPC?

The WPC is the ideal material to place around swimming pools, is not attacked by the most common chemical products used in swimming pools.

What are the constituent materials of the composite wood?

EPW uses scraps of sawmills and forest cleanups to acquire the fiber that you use in the composite. Relies also on plastics recycling companies to incorporate these polymers in their material.

What are the main characteristics of composite wood?

Composite wood has great features, such as the exemption of maintenance and that raw material used comes from recycled sources.

What is the provenance of raw materials?

The fiber comes from forest cleanups and industrial debris, the polymer comes from recycling companies.

Is an "environmentally friendly" material?

Yes. It is manufactured with recycled material, and the finished product can be recycled.

It is resistant to saline environments?

Yes. Due to its density and constituent materials, has a high resistance to saline environments.

How can scratches be removed?

By sanding.

Can be installed directly on a flat surface?

WeStrongly recommend not to do it. There must always be a air box underneath or behind the product.

What tools are needed for installation?

The installation does not require any special tools. Tools for working with wood are sufficient.

Contains dangerous elements?

Not. Its Constitution is made with recycled elements or virgins, but always safe products.

Can be painted?

Yes. The types of treatments/finishing to wood can be given to WPC: painting, grinding, polishing, etc. However EPW has a palette of colors at your disposal. EPW takes no responsability of products aplied in their products.

Insects can damage the WPC?

No, the WPC is very dense.

How does WPC reacts to low temperatures?

It is a material that tolerates reduced temperatures.

Does not need maintenance?

Not. You just need to be cleaned and washed, unlike the wood you need periodically oils, paints and new immunizing agents.

Can it splinter?

Not. Due to its way of manufacture, this material does not involve the danger of splinters.

It is slippery?

Not. Is a material designed to not be slippery, ideal for children to play.

What is it made of?

It is made from a mixture of wood, with low moisture content, mixed with plastic, and with additives that guarantee the stability of the product.

Can it be washed with preassure water?

Yes, up to 40º C, keeping 6bar/some distance from the deck, not to the scratching with the jets.