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Founded in 2006, EPW – Tecnologia de Extrusão is currently the largest manufacturer in the Iberian Peninsula and European top 5. The company is dedicated to the production of extruded profiles from a composite of polymers and fibers, these profiles are intended for use in outdoor environments. With a particular focus on quality, EPW has the widest range of profiles and variety of colors in Europe.

Consistency and reliability are part of EPW’s heritage. With several years of experience and in constant evolution, promotes an environment of innovation as part of its DNA. The constant search for new materials that complement or improve production is a goal, a reality and, above all, a certainty at EPW. In addition, new materials, new aesthetics, new installation systems are a constant investment in the company.

Decks are born from two premises: low maintenance and low impact on the environment. When compared to more traditional decks, EPW’s products require very low levels of maintenance, making it possible for those who use them to enjoy these solutions in a more relaxed way. The production is made from the waste of some wood industries and we also incorporate a percentage of recycled polymers. The wood used is FSC® [Forest Steward ship Council] certified. In production it reuses rainwater and has a planned investment in solar energy. Basically, all its activity is designed to be increasingly greener and with a smaller ecological footprint.

Being since its inception oriented to export, currently covers more than 30 countries. Among these, Australia, several South American countries, France, Spain, UK, among others. In addition, it has been consolidating its presence in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United States of America.

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