A complete range of accessories allows you to facilitate and improve an entire installation.

Aluminium Joist – 50x50x3200/6000mm

It is the easiest and most robust way to sub-structure the deck. With a special design to ensure a safer and easier anchoring of the screw, this joist optimizes the application by more than 30%.

WPC Joist – 50x30x2300mm

With high resistance to humidity, this solution guarantees high longevity when applied in the most demanding environment.

EzClip Clip (POM)

Have an impact resistance and durability far more superior to a stainless-steel clip.

Initial Clip

Is what you should use when you want to start an application with higher quality. Made of stainless steel, with the possibility of being used also at the end of the application.

EzLock Clip

Is the best solution for controlling deck movement. It acts as an anchor, allowing you to control the direction of expansion.


Allows you to compensate for unevenness from 0 to 20mm and can be broken into 3 overlapping pieces. With a durability far superior to any wooden wedge, this is the most practical solution for a good preparation of the substructure.

Aluminium profiles

A complete range of aluminum profiles, coated with film with high UV resistance, for you to be able to finish your applications.

a) The outer corners are easily made using this easy-to-apply profile;

b) This profile is used to finish against a wall or against a ceiling;

c) Startup profile for EzWall. Facilitates the placement of the first piece. Made of aluminum.