EPW’s revolutionary Titanium Deck® range guarantees you a wood look and feel, with a high longevity. This is a new technology in which the core of the deck is made of HDM (high density mineral WPC core), and the outside is made of a modified polymer (Nanotech Shield).

Titanium Deck® is a solid profile intended for high traffic. Its fixation system is made through a POM clip, leaving a joint of only 5mm…

Available colors



Dimensions: 2300/3200x150x24mm       


High resistance to scratches and stains HDM Core

High UV resistance                                     Fire class Bfl – S1

Low water absorption                                 Low maintenance

Sliding class 3                                               FSC® certified

Finishing Ruler

Finishing Ruler for a perfect finish.

Dimensions: 150x24x2300mm

Available colors: in all colors


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