EPW was featured in the 68th edition of Empresas+® of the weekly newspaper SOL

Currently the largest manufacturer in the Iberian Peninsula of extruded profiles from a composite of polymers and fibers. With differentiated products where quality is a certainty, the company is already a reference worldwide.

Read an interview that our director, Bruno Pita, gave to Empresas+®, where he reveals the projects he has defined for the future of EPW.

“Innovation is in our DNA”

“This product is born from two premises: the low level of maintenance and the low impact it has on the environment. When compared to more traditional decks, our products do not require maintenance, making it possible for those who use them to enjoy these solutions in a more relaxed way and without the commitment of maintenance.”

“Our production is made from the waste of some wood industries and we also incorporate a percentage of recycled polymers. Even at the level of the wood we use we have FSC® [Forest Stewardship Council] certification, as opposed to tropical wood decks that contribute significantly to deforestation.”

“Right now we export to more than 25 countries, among these, Australia and the various countries in South America are very important markets. In addition, we have been cementing our presence in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United States of America.”

“We are going to restructure the entire production in order to further increase our production capacity. The goal is for our production area to go from the current seven thousand square meters to about eleven thousand.”

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